Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who

Series 2

Did you Know?- Christmas Invasion
*This episode was filmed in July
* It took 22 days to film the whole 45 minute show
* The first shoot was of Harriet Jones's Christmas speech

Did You Know?- New Earth
*It would take 3 hours evertime to make-up a Cat Nurse
* The Duke of Manhattan's actor got so hot that they made           cooling system inside the suit!
* If you watch closely David Tennant's hair changes colout because they shot some bits months apart!

Did You Know?- Tooth & Claw
*They had to act to make the telescope wheel look hard to turn!
*Filming the gaurd sitting on the horse was tricky because the horse wouldn't behave so the gaurd had to sit on a pair of ladders!
* Queen Victoria was secretly wearing trainers for the running seen
*David Tennant used to go go to Drama School with the host!

Did You Know?- School Reunion
* The Vacumm-packed rats were actual vacumm-packed rats!!!
* The Cafe' secnes were all filmed at night in Newport
* K9's voice is done by the original-John Leeson

Did You Know?- The Girl in The Fireplace
* The spaceship is the shape of a key
* Because the horse wasn't allowed into Regley Hall it was a tricky effect!
* Two horses played one horse because one horse was an actor and the other a jumper!
* David and Sophia have wokred together before on the set of Foyle's War

Did You Know?- The Rise of the Cybermen
* Two weeks before filming they finally found the Tylers' house!
* Many cybermen were made but careful filiming made it look like there were evn more!
* There were 11 different voices to choose from but they chose number 7!
* The actors wearing the Cybermen suits can't see much so they had to have elastic bands around their wrists to link them together so they all stayed in a straight line!

Did You Know?- The Age of Steel
* Mrs Moore was supposed to die earlier but he life just kept extending!
* Although you can't tell, Noel Clake (Mickey & ricky) battled with food poisoning while filming these episodes!

Did You Know?- The Idiot's Lantern
* Believe it or not the person who plays Tommy is older then Billie Piper (Rose) and they had to cut his hair so he looked younger!
* The reason why Mr Magpie's suit is black and white is because it represents a magpie!

Did You Know?- The Impossible Planet
* This is a true fact- No one actaully knows what a black hole looks like!
* The tattoos on Toby's face was a lot of work and took 3 hours!
* The TARDISPODE for The Impossible Planet was filmed in the BBC Wales Canteen!
* The actors inside the costumes of the Ood could barely see anything! So they had to be helped around
* When some of the actors were wearing space helmets the cast had to use radio to communicate because they could not hear through the helmets!

Did You Know?- Satin Pit
* The manager of the quarry's number plate has OOD written in in
* behind scenes the cable leading into the centre of the planet was only 10 metres while in the show it was 10 miles!
* Originally they were going to hire space suits from NASA but it was all too expensive
* The scenes with the Beast were shot in Clearwell Caves which is also where they shot the scenes in the Sycorax ship
* Originally the Ood's home planet was going to be Raxacoricofallapotorius which is the Slitheen's home planet!

Did You Know?- Love & Monsters
* Peter Kay who usually plays the monsters was originally going to play Elton but he preferred to play monsters!
* The episodes were filmed at the same time as 8 & 9!
* When Rose confronts Elton it was raining very heavy!

Did You Know?- Fear her
* Even though it was Summer in the show it was Winter while they were filming it and everyone was freezing!
* The newsreader of BBC, Huw edwards, provided the Olympic Commentary!
* They found the actor of Chloe at an after school drama group

Did You Know?- Army of Ghosts
* Hidden in the Cybermen gloves were blades so they could cut through the platic sheets!
* The ghosts cones the Doctor uses are based on the TARDIS wall roundels

Did You Know?- Doomsday
* This is one of the most expensive episodes yet!
* Believe it or not this is the very first time the Daleks and the Cybermen have met in all of Doctor Who's history!!
* The final goodbye scene was so sad that all the cast was crying
* The was a big discussion about who should save Rose from being sucked into the void, mickey or Pete?
*Tracy Ann Oberman became pregnant while filming this episode!
* When they were filming the goodbye scenes 2 windsurfers strolled into the scene later one of them sent a poem into BBC about Billie Piper!

Did You Know?- Doctor Who Facts
*When the TARDIS is flying through the vortes, a blue vortex means the TARDIS is going back in time and a red vortex means it's going fowards!
* The Doctor's suit is made out of a material called Upholstery material!