All 35 companions in the order of who's best!

The following information is all out of the magazine SFX and all orders were voted by SFX readers!

01. Sarah Jane Smith

Full Name: Sarah Jane Smith
Played By: Elisabeth Sladen
Travelled with: The Third and fourth Doctor
Also Met: The First, Second, Fifth and Tenth Doctor
First Appearance: The Time Warrior (1973)
Most Recent Appearance: School Reunion (2006)
Screen spin-off appearances: K-9 and Company (1981) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007)
Planet: Earth
Most Likely to say: 'I thought you were dead!'
Basic Information: She was a journilist from late 20th century England with a love of adventure but commitment issues. She is as loyal as loyal can be!
Reason for departure: The Doctor kicked her out of the TARDIS when he had to go bakc to Gallifrey!

02. Rose Tyler

Full Name: Rose Marion Tyler
Played by: Billie Paul Piper
Travelled with: The Ninth and Tenth Doctor
First Appearance: Rose (2005)
Most recent Appearance: Unknown (2008)
Planet: Earth
Most Likey to say: 'Fancy some chips?'
Basic Information: She was a London party girl when she was offered the trip of a lifetime and she sees the universe in a new way. She also probally fancied the Doctor, maybe!
Reason for departure: She gets trapped in an alternate dimension and is taken to paraleel Earth and can never see the Doctor again!

03. Martha Jones

Full name: Martha Jones
Played by: Freema Agyeman
Travelled with: The Tenth Doctor
First appearance: Smith and Jones (2006)
Most Recent appearance: Unknown (2008)
Planet: Earth
Most likey to say: 'I'm a doctor, not a Doctor's assistant!'
Basic information: she is a smart, sassy, intelligent medical student with a crush on the doctor but she has enough sense to realise she had to make her own way in life!
Reason for Departure: she decided to leave the TARDIS crew claiming she had people to look after and she addmitted she had a crush on the Doctor and how he never noticed!

04. Ace

Full name: Dorothy McShane (last name only mentioned in novels)
Played by: Sophie Aldred
Travelled with: The Seventh Doctor
First Appearance: Dragonfire (1987)
Most recent Appearance: Survival (1989)
Planet: Earth
Most Likely to say:
'You toe rag.'
Basic Information: She was a concil girl before she met the Doctor!
Reason for departure: Gets sick of the Doctor's attitude and leaves him!

05. Romana II

full Name: Romanadvoratrelindar
Played by: Lalla Ward
Travelled with: The Fourth doctor
First Appearance: Destiny of the Daleks (1979)
Most Recent Appearance: Warrior's Gate (1981)
Planet: Gallifrey
Most Likely to say: 'Oh, rather.'
Basic Information: She is the second more playful, less stuck-up incarnation of the Doctor's Time Lord companion.
Reason for departure: Left to E-space to help the Tharils rather than returning to Gallifrey!

06. Jamie

Full Name: Jamie McCrimmon
Played By: Frazer Hines
Travelled with: The Second Doctor
Also Met: The Sixth doctor
first Appearance: The Highlanders (1967)
Most Recent Appearance: The Two Doctors (1984)
Planet: Earth
Most Likely to say: 'Och, would ye look at the size of that thing.'
Basic Information: A quick-witted highlander from the 1746!
Reason For Departure: The Time Lords sent him home and wiped his memory!

07. Captain Jack

Full name: Captain Jack Harkness
Played by: John Barrowman
Travelled with: The Ninth and Tenth Doctor
First appearance: The Empty Child (2005)
Most Recent Appearance: Unknown (2008)
Screen spin-off shows: Torchwood
Planet: Unknown
Most Likely to say: 'Give us a kiss'
Basic Information: His old job was a time agent and a con artist and then he met the Doctor and started working for Torchwood!
Reason for Departure: Well first the doctor left him at a game station thinking he was dead but Jack foiund them again but then decided to go back to working at Torchwood but he is going to return in 2008!

08. Romana

Full Name: Romanadvoratrelundar
Played by: Mary Tamm
Travelled with: The Fourth Doctor
First Appearance: The Ribos Operation (1978)
Most Recent Appearance: The Armageddon Factor (1979)
Planet: Gallifrey
Most Likely to say: 'Didn't you fail temporal physics at the Academy first time?'
Basic Information: Prim, proper Time Lady, possibly more acedemically trained than the Doctor, but lacking his streetwise skills!
Reason for Departure: Grew sick of her old body!

09. Leela

Full name: Leela
Played by: Louise Jameson
Travelled with: The Fourth Doctor
First Appearance: The Face of Evil (1977)
Most Recent appearance: The Invasion of Time (1978)
Planet: Unknown
Most Likely to say: 'Die, bent-face!'
Basic Information: Leela was intelligent in her own way, she never lost the love for her knife!
Reason for Departure: Married some drip on Gallifrey!

10. Tegan

Full name: Tegan Jovanka
Played By: Janet Fielding
Travelled with: The Fourth and Fifth Doctor
Also Met: The first, Second and third Doctor
First Appearance:Logopolis (1981)
Most Recent Appearance: Resurrection of the Daleks (1984)
Planet: Earth
Most Likely to say: 'Rabbits!'
Basic Information: Not that amart and is stroppy and mouthy! she was an air hostess who really didn't want to travel with the Doctor and then she was forced to and she changed her mind!
Reason for Departure: She left the Doctor after the Daleks killed the entire cast of a particular serial, making her doubt the wisdom of travelling with the Doctor!

11. The Brigadier

Full name: Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Played by: Nicholas Courtney
Travelled with: The Third and Fifth Doctor
Also Met: The first, Second, fourth and Seventh Doctor
First Appearance: The Web of Fear (1969)
Most Recent Appearance: Battlefield (1989)
Planet: Earth
Most Likely to say: 'Lovely chap, all of them.'
Basic Information: He was a british officer and got rather annoyed with aliens that you couldn't shoot dead! He was alos the head of UNIT!
Reason for Departure: He retired his job and became a school teacher and later moved to the country!