Cybermen are yet another one of the doctor's old enemies but every time he fights them they are getting stronger and are getting more skills. Can the Doctor keep his hard work up?

Cyberman Points

- The Cybermen's race is the Cyborgs

- Cybermen originated on Earth's twin planet Mondas

- There is a Torchwood episode called cyberwomen

- The designers and creators of the Cybermen were Dr. Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis in 1966

- And the first episode they appeared in was The Tenth planet which was also the first Doctor's last epsiode

- In the episode 'Dalek' a Cyberman head from 1975 was shown in a case in an alien artifacts museum

- Cybermen use to have have a really annoying sing-song voice

- Then in 2006 the voice of the daleks Nicholas Briggs became the voice of the Cybermen

- The Cybermen have had many different types of weapons such as pistols, death rays, X-ray lasers but in 2006 there weapon was simply with a touch and they would electucute their victim

- The Cybermen used to have small little helpers that were like giant metalic silverfish that would feed off brain waves

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