The Final Episodes

Like always the final episode of every series is always the most touching, sad and exciting! So in this section of my website I tell you as much as I can about the final episodes of series 1, 2 & 3!

Series 1- Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways

What happens?
These two episodes start when The Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose were happily travalling in the TARDIS when it all of a sudden shook violently. They then found themselves separated and in a total different place from where they left! The Doctor ends up in The Big Brother house where if you get evicted you get killed! Rose turns up in a Weakest Link game where if you get the question wrong you get killed! But Rose and the Doctor didn't know you got killed they thought it was all fun and games until they saw it happen! And Captain Jack turned up in a makeover game show where two robots wanted to make him look better but it turned out they were killer robots!
The Doctor's story:
The Doctor meets a girl called Lynda in the house and he works out that there are several thousand reality TV shows scattered around the area! After that one of the contestants get evicted and everyone was crying and the Doctor was like 'big deal you are going to see them again' but then on the TV it shows her being insinigrated! And then he finds out that the contstants have no choice about if they want to be in the game! People are just chocsen randomly and are transmatted to the games! The doctor then does something against the rules on purpose, he breaks a camera with sonic  scewdriver! Which then means he has to  get evicted!!!  The Doctor steps into the eviction room and look up at the laser and says 'Come on what are you waiting for?' Then the Doctor realises that someone brought him and they want to see him alive! He then invites Lynda to come along and she takes the offer and they go through the exit on the other wall of the eviction box! Then the Doctor disscovers another fact, they were on Satelitte 5! Which used to be a News Satelitte but now it was a game Station! then the Doctor pauses, realising that the game station was run by BadWolf Corporation!
Rose's Story:
When Rose gets transmatted to the Weakest Link game a person came and helped her up and he was rather kind at first Rose was a bit confussed and scared but once the game had started she was laughing and having great fun! Which made the other contestants wonder what world she had been on! Then when it came to voting who they wanted to evict a lady got evicted off the game and she was crying and begging them not to and Rose was laughing and then when she got disintigrated Rose stopped laughing instantly and felt sick and realised that the fun and games were over!! The man who had helped up told Rose he wouldn't vote her off because she wasn't very smart and if they were the final two then he would defintely win!! Mean! Anyway he says then he will win money offered by Badwolf Corparation! Rose then realises just like the Doctor did that everywhere they went on every adventure those words were everywhere they looked! And that somebody wanted her here!
Jack's Story:
Meanwhile Captain Jack was taken to a show called What Not To Wear! Where two robots, Trine-e and Zu-Zana tried to make him look better! Captain Jack liked the girl attention but then they became evil and revealed needles and knives and saws that were hidden under their suit! Captain Jack was naked at the time and they did thatjust to make sure he couldn't fight back with a weapon he had in his pockets but then when he pulls out a gun they get surprised! They say 'Where were you hiding that?' and captain Jack says 'Lady's you don't want to know!' He then shoots them and then gets some clothes and head off to find the Doctor!
They Meet:
Jack then meets up with Lynda and the Doctor! And then they team up to try and find Rose! When they finally find the game room she's in they rush over and as they get there, they find out that Rose has just lost and is about to get
disintegrated. Rose sees the Doctor and Jack and runs for them! But is too slow and the Anne Droid disintegrated! she scrams out and the Doctor cries out! He runs over to where she was standing and looks at the shes that lay in her place! The Doctor so sad doesn't struggle when guards come and take them away! They then get taken away and locked up but after a while of sitting there they knock out the guards and still thie weapons and head for floor 500!
Floor 500:
In the control they discover The Crontroller, a young girl wired up to large device, who has been wired up like that since she was five! And since then, she has become blind and can only see the programming that occurs in the games. when a solar flare hits the Game Station, the Crontroller calls for the Doctor claiming that her 'masters' can't see what she is doing due to the flare. She tells him that she did send him here on purpose and she Rose and Jack around the Game Station so they were safe from her masters! But she can't tell him who they are! Then Jack discovers the TARDIS hid in a side room and using the TARDIS's Console he realises that Rose was not desinergrated but she was simply just transmatted to another place in the galaxy! The Controller then, risking her life, tells the Doctor the rest of the coordinates to where he find Rose! and then the Solar flare and she gets tranmatted elsewhere by her masters!! The Doctor then follows the coordinates to the end of the solar system where he finds a fleet of 200 Daleks spacecrafts heading for Earth, carrying nearly half a million Daleks!!!
Back to Rose:
When Rose comes to she finds herself aboard some sort of alien spacecraft! and then she finds it's filled with Daleks! As she watches the Daleks a girl (the Controller appears after being transmatted from the Game Station) appears and is exterminated by the Daleks!! The Daleks then send a video message to the Doctor saying that if he does not surrnder they will kill Rose! The Doctor refuses to surreder and says that he will dave Rose and then wipe out the whole of the Dalek race!! The Daleks then change their mind about invading Earth and head for the Game Station!!!
Next Episode:
The Doctor and Jack head to the Dalek ship that Rose is located and rescues her. Jack has set up a shield around the TARDIS so they stood outside the TARDIS and talked to the Daleks! The Daleks shot angrily trying to kill them but the shield was too strong! The Doctor asked them how they survived the Great Time War. And then the Dalek Emperor’s voice was heard and he told the Doctor that one of their ships survived because it was crippled and fell through time, they then had to harvest their organic metals to rebuild their race! The Doctor says that by doing this, the Daleks have gained some attributes and emotions from humans, and the fact that the Emperor denies this and claims the Daleks to be "pure and blessed" means they've been fanatics loathing their own genetic makeup, and are thus deadlier than ever. Then Doctor then immediately leaves and heads back to the Game Station! He then sends messages down to the contestants of the Game Station and tells them that the Daleks are coming to attack the station but lots of them laugh claiming the Daleks have been dead for ages! Some leave the station in escape pods, others agree to fight and lots refuse to do anything saying that they don’t believe the Daleks exist! The Doctor’s message to those who refuse was when you hear the screaming of murder above, what will you do then? With the help of Rose, Jack, Lynda and the other programmers , the doctor then starts to change the Game Station into a giant Delta Wave which will fry the brains of any beings in it’s way! But the big problem is it usually takes 3 days to make a Delta Wave but they only have 22 minutes!! Captain Jack, after giving Rose and surprisingly the Doctor a kiss goodbye, leaves to go and fight the Daleks.
Goodbye Rose Tyler:
As the Doctor works he realizes that Rose is in great danger and will most likely die! So he tells her to go into the TARDIS and then using his sonic screwdriver he send it back to Earth! Rose who is in the ship realizes that the TARDIS is leaving the ground and she starts crying out for the Doctor to stop it! Then a holographic message appears of the Doctor and he tells her that he is sending her home for two reasons, one, she will be safe with her family and two, he doesn’t want the TARDIS technology falling into the Daleks hands! Because he knows that he most likely die!! And he also tells her that she will never be able to return and when the TARDIS lands on Earth it will shut down and will never be able to be used again! And so Rose is sent back to Earth crying her heart out knowing she will never see the Doctor again and all her adventures were over and that the Time Lords is about to die out!
The Game Station:
Then over radio, Jack asks the Doctor how much longer it will be until the Delta Wave is ready, but the transmission is intercepted by the Dalek Emperor who claims that the Delta Wave will fry every beings- Daleks and humans- nearby including the whole of Earth!!! The Daleks then head to the Game Station to attack! The Daleks enter at Floor 494 and kill everyone on the floor! They then kill all the people who refused to belieave that the Daleks existed! They then slowly moved to Floor 500, but then just when all hope was lost and that it looked like the Daleks would make it to Floor 500, the Anne Droid from The Weakest Link became part of the battle and zapped one of the Daleks but it took her too long to so ‘You Are the Weakest Link, goodbye’ and she was exterminated by the other Dalek!! The Daleks headed higher and higher killing more and more people until they made it to the level Captain Jack was on. Jack fought for his life and shot bullets furiously at the Daleks but it was no use as Jack realized he was too weak he dropped his weapon and said ‘well come on then what are you waiting for?’ the Daleks exterminated him and Jack was killed instantly!! Lynda is also killed because a Dalek breaks the glass of a window and she is sucked into space!!
Rose's Story:
Mickey & Jackie ran outside when they heard the TARDIS’s noise. Rose came out of the TARDIS and collapsed into Mickey’s arms and cried!! Mickey asked where the Doctor was and they went to have fish & Chips at a cheap place on the corner to talk. Rose kept saying about how she was sitting down eating chips while the Doctor was up in the stars fighting for his life!! Mickey tried to calm her down by saying it wasn’t right now it was still in the future but Rose says that they are fighting right now! Later Rose walks around by herself to think and then when she sees the words ‘Bad Wolf’ written on the pavement she had heaps of flash backs of every single journey she’d been on  with the Doctor and those words ‘Bad Wolf’ scattered all over the universe and time!! That’s when she realized there was a connection between her and the Doctor!! Rose then figured out that she needed to open the TARDIS’s heart but it was sealed closed by the strongest power she had ever seen!! She then went and found her mum and Mickey and asked Mickey to bring his buggie to the TARDIS. Rose then tied a chain to the buggie and the to the TARDIS’s console and Mickey (in his car) revved the engine as much as he could but nothing happened. Then rose had another idea, she asked her mother if she could hire a truck!! After a while the truck had arrived and Mickey drove it while it was attached to the TARDIS. He tried the hardest he had ever tried and then the TARDIS’s console opened and revealed the heart! Rose was inside and instantly the TARDIS disappeared, Jackie ran over to the TARDIS and cried out for Rose!! But the TARDIS left!
Bad Wolf:
The Daleks appeared in Floor 500 and the Doctor was not ready and had no weapons to attack so he, like Jack, closed his eyes and awaited his death! Then all of a sudden the TARDIS appeared to the Doctor’s great surprise! And out stepped Rose, she had a yellow glow around her and her eyes were like fire! She claimed she was the Bad Wolf and she says ‘I can see the whole of time and space every atom of your existence and I divide them!’ with that she destroys the Daleks by disintegrating them. Then Rose (the Bad Wolf) says she will bring life and she raises all of the Programmers, Game Contestants and Jack back from the dead! But the power of the Bad Wolf becomes too much for Rose and she slowly begins to die! The Doctor’s only way to save her was to risk his own life and absorb the Bad Wolf powers into him. He then kisses her and all the energy is sucked into his body! Rose then collapses and the Doctor catches her and carries he into the TARDIS. When she wakes up the doctor is in serious pain! She asks what’s wrong and he tells her that she opened the TARDIS’s heart and nobody id meant to do that not even Time Lords! And that he absorbed the energy and now he is going to die! But he also tells her that Time Lords have this way that they kind of cheat death but it means he’s going to change! He’s last words were ‘Rose you were fantastic, and you know what so was I!’ 
What Have You Done With the Doctor?:
The Doctor then regenerates which makes all of his skin visible turn into a flash of fire like light!! When the regeneration stops he becomes a total new Doctor! And Rose doesn’t trust him! He then says ‘Hello, ok’ then he pauses and gulps and says ‘new teeth, that weird! He pauses. ‘So where was I?..Oh yeah that’s right, Barzalona!
Make sure to watch the Children in Need episode for a good laugh!
The following episode is the Christmas Invasion!

What's the Link Mr Wolf?

Even though sometimes it is hard to realize, but every single episode (except to be continued one only have have it appeared once) has the words Bad Wolf metioned!

Episode 1- Rose: Some Doctor Who fans say that the Nestene Consiousness mouthed Bad Wolf!

Episode 2- The End of the World: While talking to the Face of Boe, the Moxx of Balhoon mentions Bad Wolf scenario!

Episode 3- The Unquiet Dead: While Clairvoyant Gwyenth read Rose's mind she said 'The things you've seen......the darkness........the Big Bad Wolf!'

Episode 4 & 5- Aliens of london/World War III: When walking back to the TARDIS the Doctor and rose see a boy running off after painting the words Bad Wolf on the TARDIS!

Episodes 6- Dalek: Henry Van Stattan's private helicopter is called Bad Wolf One!

Episodes 7- The Long Game: One of the channels on the salellite is called BAD WOLFTV

Episode 8- Father's Day: A poster in the background has Bad Wolf writen on it!

Episodes 9 & 10- the Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances: the bomb that Captain Jack rides is labelled Schlechter Wolf which is German for Bad Wolf!

Episode 11- Boom town: the Nuclear Power Plant is called the Blaidd Drwg Progect which is Welsh for Bad Wolf and this is the first time the Doctor realizes the words are everywhere, but he thinks it is coincidence!

Episodes 12 & 13: Bad Wolf/ Parting of the Ways: The Game Station is run by the Bad Wolf Corporation! When rose is sent home Bad Wolf is scattered around the council estate! And then later Rose turns into the Bad Wolf!

Episodes from other Series!
Series 3- Gridlock: In the background there is the Japanese word Akuro which means Evil wolf!

Torchwood: In the Torchwood series, Bad Wolf is mentioned!

Series 2- Tooth and Claw: the Host tells Rose that she has the seen the wolf too and that there was something wolf about her!

Series 2- Doomsday: When the doctor says goodbye to Rose on the beach he asks her where she is and she tells him it is Bad Wolf Bay!

Series 2- Love & Monsters: Victor Kennedy could not veiw information about Rose on his computer because of a Bad Wolf virous!

BBC Doctor who Website!

Keep an eye out for these:

BBC Doctor who webite:

In the game Ghostwatch, writen on one of the walls is Bad Wolf!

On the Video Series 1 main page Bad Wolf is secretly written behind Mickey Smith

On Rose's character's page Bad Wolf is written in the background!

On Captain Jack's character page, he is sitting on the bomb and you can see the words Schlechter Wolf!

On Mickey's character page Bad Wolf is written!

Main Characters

Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler: Billie Piper
Captain Jack: John Barrowman
Lynda: Jo Joyner
Voice of the Anne Droid: Anne Robisnon
voice of Zu-Zana: Susannah Constantine
Trine-e: Trinny Woodall
Controller: Martha Cope
Dalek Voice: Nicholas Briggs
Dalek Operators: Nicholas Pegg & Barnaby Edwards

Behind the Scenes

Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Joe Ahearne
Producer: Phil Collison
Script Editor: Helen Raynor

Excutive Producers: Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Mal Young

Series 2- Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday

What happens?
The episode starts off with Rose's recounting on all her adventures with the Doctor and how she thought they would last forever! She tells about the ghosts and the earth's worst war! And she says 'this is the stoy of how I die!'
The Doctor takes Rose back to the Powell Estate to see her mother again! Then Jackie tells them about how Rose's grandad was coming to visit and rose got confused! She asked her mum if she was alright and Rose told her mum that grandad had been dead for years! But when he appeared he was a ghost! Then they discover that there are ghosts appearing all over the world at that certain time!! Rose asks Jackie why she thinks it's her Dad and Jackie says she just knows it! After discovering that the ghosts have been around for a couple of moths the Doctor tracks the 'ghost shift' to the secret base of Torchwod Institute!
Cup of Tea:
In the Torchwood Tower, a person working there asks another girl who works there out for a cup of tea and she says yes! Then when they're coming back he asks her if she wants to go into the building zone in Torchwood Tower where they are fixing the area up and there are plastic sheets drapped down so you can't see anything in there! She says no and after a while the boy decides to go in hoping she will follow him and after taking ages the girl decides to investigate and then a loud scream is heard and then nothingness!
The Doctor and Rose then go into the Torchwood Tower with the TARDIS and realize that Jackie some how got aboard and she was not happy! Inside Torchwood they were surronded by people and they met Yvonne Hartman who is in charge of Torchwood institute! She claps for the Doctor and says hurray we finally meet! Then the Yvonne aks if her has a companion and he reaches into the TARDIS and accidently pulled out Rose's Mum! Yvonne then takes them on a tour leaving Rose in the TARDIS, which gets excorted away to somewhere safer!
Doctor and Jackie:
The Doctor and Jackie are shown the Sphere which the members of Torchwood don't know what it is the Doctor calls it a Void Ship! Yvonne then showa them the Void which is where the ghosts appear from. Two workers, a boy and a girl (The ones who went on a date) where sitting in front of computers the Doctor noticed the girls ear plug and realized she was being controlled and he quickly yanked it out of her dragging this long peice of what looked like brain with it, instantly killing her! But the Doctor claimed she was basically dead she was a zombie!
Rose gets out of the TARDIS and grabs the Doctor's phycic paper and finds a laboratory coat to match in! She then goes to a sealed door and uses the wallet to get in! Which in the room is the Sphere! Rose is straight away questioned by Dr Singh about who she was and when he realized she was an imposter he asked his asistant, Samuel to seal the doors! When rose went to look at Samuel she begame extremely surprised! It wasn't anybody at all by the name of Samuel, it was her boyfriend, Mickey Smith!! Who was supposed to be trapped on parrallel Earth fighting Cybermen! He put his finger up to his lip to single her to keep quiet!
All of a sudden all over the world, the footsteps of the ghosts began to get heavier and heavier and soon they began to make loud matal clonking noices! All over the world, people screamed and ran for their lives as their loved dead ones turned into horrible metal beasts! In Torchwood Tower, the ghosts coming out of the Void at the time turned into Cybermen!
Back in the room where the Sphere was, rose finally got the chance to hug and say hello to Mickey! then the Sphere began to open and Mickey got a gun ready expecting more Cybermen to appear but then out of the least expected, something else appeared, something far worse! 4 violent DalekS!!! The Dalek leader, Dalek Sec, saw Dr Singh, Mickey and Rose and orders the daleks to EXTERMINATE!!
Next Episode:
The Daleks have appeared in Torchwood Tower and with them they bring something they call a Genesis Ark! they demand the Rose, Mickey and Singh to tell them who is the least important out of the three! Dr Singh, very kindly and risking his life, says her was! The Daleks demanded him to kneel and he did and then they used thier sucking weapons to absorb his brain knowledge and find out about earth! this kills Singh and he falls to the ground nothing but a skeleton! Rose tucks her face into Mickey's shoulder and her hugs her! Using singh, Dalek Sec discovers there is another invasion happening already and they have already taken over all of Torchwood! Sec sends out Dalek Thay to investigate! Thay discovers Cybermen and the Cybermen over alliance but Dalek Thay refuses and declares war!
Jake Simmonds, is Mickey's friend from paralell earth ehich is where the Cybermen have come from shoots dead the Cyber Leader who was talking to the Doctor about humanity! Jake brings with him a whole team including Rose's dead, but alive in paralell Earth, dad! Using paralell world jumpers, Jake then takes the Doctor over to paralell Earth and tells him how the Cybermen got to Rose's earth! Then when they get back Pete tells the Doctor that he should close down the breach which is the connection between both worlds!
Back to the Daleks:
Rose tells Mickey about how the Daleks spared their lives because wanted them to open the Genesis Ark! Because it is technology stolen from the Time Lords and the Daleks demand Rose to open it but she refuses! When they think they might as well exterminate her she reminds them that she wiped out all the Daleks, except them, and they she herself destroyed their Emperor! The Doctor then turns up and after the door being opened the war between the Daleks and Cybermen began! Jake's team fired down some Cybermen and tried to kill the Daleks but failed! the Doctor told Mickey and Rose to get out! In his effort to excape, Mickey accidently bumped the Genesis Ark and activated it! The Daleks went to Canary Wharf to open it! And they revealed millions of Daleks who had been imprisoned during the Time war!!! The Daleks attack from up in the air and the Cybermen attack from the ground killing hundreds of people all around the world as they go!
The Doctor realizes that he has to close the Void down other wise if somebody jumps from worlds a couple more times both worlds will just collapse! Then he comes up with a plan that he can reverse the Void and instead of making the Cybermen and Daleks appear from it they will all be sucked in into the beyond, which the Doctor clims as nothingness, no time,no light, no space, nothing! But the problem was, anyonw who had already jumped through worlds would be sucked in and that includes Mickey, Jake, Pete, Jackie, Rose and the Doctor himself!! So the doctor decides to send them all to paralell earth where they will be safe but Rose refuses and demands to stay but the Doctor says she can't! Then when Rose is not watching the Doctor puts the paralell jumper around her neck and presses it and she gets taken to parallel earth! Within seconds of finding herself in a different world Rose presses the botton agin, knowing that she might collapse both worlds, and knowing that she might never see her family again, and that she will either die or if she lives she will be separated from her family but she knew one good thing and that one good thing was all she wanted, she wanted to stay with the Doctor for the rest of her life! When rose appeared back on earth, the Doctor wasn't very happy and he was cross she asked what she could do and he told her that he was going to use magno clamps (very stoung magnets that Yvonne, who dies when she was turned into a Cyberman, showed him on his tour of Torchwood) to cling onto the walls and hope that they don't get sucked in! and that all she has to do it pull the lever so that it is on and then hold on!
The Void:
As the Daleks and Cybermen began to get sucked into the Void the Doctor and Rose held on for their lifes! Then unexpectidly on Rose's wall her lever turned off and the process slowed down and the Daleks and Cybermen began to stop getting sucked in! Rose being very brave, let go of her Magno Clamp and held onto the lever and pushed it back on! the Doctor began to worry heaps knowing that holding onto the lever wasn;t as safe and didn't have as good as grip! Rose's fingers began to slip and the Doctor cried out 'HOLD ON!' But Rose just couldn't and she lost her grip and was sucked amoungst the daleks into the Void! She scramed for the Doctor and the Doctor screamed back! As Rose thought her death was near she all of a sudden was grabbed by her paralell Dad! She glanced back at the Doctor and the she was transported back to parallel Earth! Rose cried heaps and leant against the white wall which on earth was the Void! After the Systems closing on earth and after the Daleks and cybermen had ben sucked into the void, the doctor walked up to the wall and lay his on the wall and he too cried! Knowing he could never see her because one more jump and the whole worlds would collapse! He closed the crossing between the worlds down!! A sad ending the the Doctor and Rose's adventures!!
Bad Wolf Bay:
Some time later, Rose wakes up claiming she keeps having dreams of a voice calling her! 'Rose, Rose' The Tyler family then follow the voice and it leads them to Bad Wolf Bay! While Rose stands on the beach a hologram of the Doctor appears and she tells him that he looks like a ghost he fixes it up and looks like he was actually standing right there! Rose actaully thinks she can touch him! The doctor tells Rose that to him it has only been minutes since they last saw each other according to him and that it was months since she saw him!!  The doctor tells Rose that
he was burning up a whole star just to say bye! And that they could onyl talk for 2 minutes and then the gap between then two worlds will close! the doctor asks Rose whats been happening and Rose tells the doctor about the baby and the Doctor thought that it was hers and Mickeys but she said that Pete and her Mum got married! Rose then tells the Doctor that she loves him! And he says 'Well I guess this is my last chance to say.. Rose Tyler.. he starts his sentence but never gets to finish it because the gap closes! The hologram then fades and the Doctor and Rose will never see each other again! Rose bursts into tears and her Mum and family run over to her to comfort her! In the TARDIS a lonely Doctor cries and starts a new course!
The Following epidode is The Runaway Bride

Torchwood Link

Episode 1- Christmas Invasion: Prime minister Harriet Jones aks Torchwood to send powerful energy weapon out to space to explode the Sycorax ship!!

Episode 3- Tooth & Claw: Tooth and Claw takes place in Torchwood House! After being attacked by werewolves, Queen Victoria fears the return of the Doctor and the danger of Earth so she sets up Torchwood Institute!

Episode 4- School Reunion: Mickey tells Rose about hot when he tries to do research on military websites, he gets blocked off and on the screen it comes up with TORCHWOOD ACCESS DENIED!

Episode 5- The Girl In the Fireplace: If you were wondering why Torchwood wasn't mentioned in this episode, it was because it was based before Queen Victoria had made the Torchwood Institute!

Episode 6 & 7- Rise of the Cybermen/ The age of Steel: Rose gets a text message which has a survey from Torchwood on it and later Pete asks his friend how his job is going in Torchwood!

Episode 8- the Idiot's Lantern: Torchwood didn't get mentioned in the episode! But in a deleted scene Dectective Inspector Bishop is shown having a phone conversation with Torchwood!
Episode 9 & 10- The Impossible planet/the Satin Pit: The crew are representing The Torchwood Archive!

Episode 11- Love & Monsters: Victor Kennendy had acces to the Torchwood files.

Episode 12- Fear Her: After the Olympic crowd dissapears the news speaker is heard mentioning Torchwood!

Episodes 13 & 14- Army of Ghosts/ Doomsaday: The last story that Rose will tell and the episode where she dies all takes place in Torchwood Tower!

Episodes from other Series!

: The whole series is based on Torchwood Institute!

Series 1: Bad Wolf:
In the Weakest Link on of the answers to one of the questions mentioned Torchwood Institute and that was the first time it was mentioned!

Main Characters

The Doctor: David Tennant
Rose Tyler: Billie Piper
Jackie Tyler: Camille coduri
Mickey Smith: Noel Clarke
Yvonne Hartman: Tracy-Ann Oberman
Pete Tyler: Shaun Dingwall
Jake Simmonds: Andrew Hayden-Smith
Cybermen Operators: Paul Kasey
Dalek & Cybermen voices: Nicholas Briggs

Behind the Scenes

Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Graeme Harper
Producer: Phil Collinson
Script Editor: Helen Raynor
Exclusive Producers: Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner

Series 3: Utopia/ The Sound of Drums/ The Last of the Time Lords

What Happens:
The episodes starts when the TARDIS goes to Cardiff to refuel. As the TARDIS begins to leave Captain jack (an old companion of the Doctor, see Series 1 final episode information above) charges towards the TARDIS and grabs onto it, sending it roaring to the end of the universe!!!
Year 100 Trillion:
The TARDIS lands in year 100 trillion and the Doctor says to Martha that they shouldn't go outside because it might be too dangerous, nobody knows what lies at the end of time, not even Time Lords have gone that far!! But then the Doctor says what the hell and they go out. Once out Martha sees a body on the ground and runs over to him. The Doctor sees it is captain Jack and says hello old friend. Martha checks if he is alive but she says sorry to the Doctor and that Jack was dead. But then all of a sudden Jack leapt up ghasping for air and Martha screamed. Then later Captain Jack asks the Doctor why he left him on the Game Station. And Martha asks is that what you do to your companions, just leave them? But the Doctor tells Jack he was busy (referring to his regeneration).  Jack says sorry to the Doctor because he discovered a list of the people who died at Canary Wharf and Rose was amoung them but the Doctor said she was still alive in a paralell earth (see above Series 2 final episode). Captain Jack then tells the Doctor how he found him and told him that he telleported himself back to the 19th century but then got stuck there so he had to live his live until the 21st century. Martha was surpised to discover he was more than 100 years old and he said he was looking good too. they then discover a long abandened dead city and find out who the futrekind are, cannibals. They find a human that is running for his live from a mob of cannibals. The TARDIS trio team up with him and run. The man tells them to go to the settlement. They run there and are let in and then security gaurds lock the gates and the cannibals back away when they see the guns.
The TARDIS crew then meet Professor Yana, who needs help becaus he is trying to send a ship to Utopia where the humans will be safe but the ship will not work and he has not told the passengers. They also meet Yana's assistant, Chantho! The Doctor, even though he was unfarmiliar with the technology, fixed the ship and it was ready for take off. Jack then fishishes off the job in a heavily irradiated room. while doind this, the Doctor talks to him about how he can never die and if he likes it or not. Jack tells him when he first realised he was the man who could never die! And the Doctor tells Jack how Rose bought him back to life but the power was too strong and she couldn't cope with it and she bought him back forever! (see above Series 1 final epidode)
Professor Yana:
Professor Yana tells the doctor about the constant drumming in his mind, he says he's had it all his life and it is getting louder and louder. Words like TARDIS, regeneration and Time Lord spine around in his head and they seem to be trying to tell him they mean something. He tells Martha about a watch that he says is broken, but she says how. And he says he can't open it and his had it forever, he pulls out the watch and shows her. Martha jumps back noticing it was a fob watch. She aks him to turn it over and he does, to reveal many patterned circles. It was the exact same as the Doctor's fob watch!! (Watch Series 3: Human Nature and Family of Blood) She instantly ran off to tell the Doctor who was working on getting the ship to fly to Utopia! After Martha informs the Doctor he has a flash back to the Face of Boe's last words (Watch Series 3: Gridlock) 'You Are Not Alone!' The Doctor realised that YANA was acronym of You Are Not Alone! The Doctor instantly runs back to yana. Meanwhile the Professor opens the watch, releasing his time lord essence. Yana opens the gates and the cannibals come into the settlement and he locks the door to the room he was in so the Doctor couldn't get in. Martha, The Doctor and Jack ran for their lifes as the futrekind chased them!! Chantho who was in the room with Yana realised he was going crazy because he let the cannibals in and she stood up with a gun. She said sorry and shook violenlty but Yana grabbed an electrical pipe and threatened to kill her, Chantho backed away. Yana told chantho that he was the Master!!!! And then he killed her, but before she died, she shot him!
Don't Leave us here:
the Doctor finally gets into the laboratry just to see the Master go into his TARDIS!! He takes with him the Doctor's hand (Hack had used it to track the Doctor down, the Doctor had lost during the episode Christmas Invasion) The Master then deadlocks the lock which means the Doctor could not get into his TARDIS because he key could not work!! The Master was dying because of Chantho shooting him so he regenerated into a younger body. And then talks to the Doctor and asks him to call him by his name!! The Doctor says sadly 'Master'. Martha reconises the voice but doesn't know why! then he leaves in the TARDIS and leaves the Doctor, Martha and Jack in the end of the universe as the futurekind try to break through the door!!!