Here are the two best picture from every episode from 'Rose' to 'Voyage of the Damned'!

Series 1


This picture of the TARDIS is just so classical and it is still used to advertise Doctor Who!!!

This explosion was such great computer graphics and they got a picture of it too!!

The End of the World

                                     This picture of Earth blowing up is so.... unique!!


The Unquiet Dead

Nice Costumes, Rose and the Doctor!!

This is a great shot of Charles Dickens walking through the snow!

Aliens of London/ World war III

All I can say about this one is... 'Oink!!'

Slitheen laughing!! He he!


I like this picture of Rose as she looks at the dalek and wonders what it is not knowing it is the Doctor worst enemy in time and space!

This picture was not actually showed in the episode but it is a sketch from behind the scenes and I think it's classic!!

The Long Game

This picture of the Jagrafess talking is great!

The sun was shinning the day they took this picture!

Father's Day

Just when Rose thought the day might turn out good.......

The Reaper hovers above

The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances

Dr Constantine wants his mummy!!

A happy ending!!!

Boom Town

Another companion??!

Looking up at the gloomy TARDIS!

Bad Wolf/ Parting of the Ways

Rose laughs as she plays the Weakest Link because she still thinks it's all just fun and games!

Daleks surround the TARDIS after it lands on one of their ships

The Daleks put Rose in extreme danger!!

The Doctor sends Rose a hologram to say that he is sending her home in the TARDIS where it is safer and she will never be able to return because he is going to shut down the TARDIS and let the last of the Time Lords die!!!!

After Rose is sent home she discovers that the words 'Bad Wolf' have been every where she went she then worked out there was a link between the Doctor and her! After opening up the TARDIS's heart the TARDIS took her back to the Doctor on the game Station. She was turned into the Bad Wolf becuase she looked into the tARIS's heart where nobody should ever look, eve the Doctor! When she arrived at the Game Station she had the power to kill all of the Daleks and bring back to life the people who had died (including Captain Jack)! But the power was too much for Rose and it ment she would die so the only way the Doctor could save her was to kiss her and asorb the Bad Wolf! Which then ment he sacrefised his own life for hers!!

After that Rose discovered that Time Lords have a cheat way of dying! Instead of dropping dead they can regenerate (but only with a TARDIS) into a whole different person! The Doctor claims he is still him just with a different body, but Rose isn't sure!

Series 2

Christmas Invasion

Rose looking after the Doctor after his regeneration

This picture great because it has all five main characters in it, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, The Doctor, jackie Tyler and of cause the TARDIS!!

New Earth

Nice hat!!

The Doctor meets an old friend

Tooth and Claw

This picture of the werewolves host is just creepy!!

It looks like Queen Victoria is about to chop the Doctor's head off! But really she is pronouncing him Sir Doctor of the TARDIS!!

School Reunion

K9 and Sarah-Jane Smith is back!!

This funny picture is of Mr Finch as he uses a toothpick to clean his teeth after he feasted on a little orphan school girl!

The Girl in The Fireplace

The TARDIS crew!

Reinette kneels knowing her life has come to an end!

Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel

This picture of the Cybermen is so real and scary!!

Cybermen are always the ones hurting and killing humans so it's good to see a Cyberman in pain!!

The Idiot's Lantern

Whoa!!! Slow down!


The Impossible planet/ The Satin Pit

This is honestly the creepiest picture I've ever seen!!!

This picture is just hilarious becuase Rose is like 'Go to hell!' and Toby's like 'Hey look, look at my buck teeth I never knew I could make my teeth do that before!'

Love & Monsters

'Here monster,monster, monster!'

Ursula gets asorbed!

Fear Her

This is a picture in the scribble balls point of view as Rose gets attacked by it!

The Doctor loves being the star!

Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday

The Doctor has a conversation with a Dalek

The war of the Earth begins and Rose takes cover!

The Doctor realises the only way to stop the war is to open up the Void and let the Daleks and the Cybermen be sucked in. But it means anyone who has jumped from one earth to another (Rose, the Doctor and all of Rose's friends and family) so he decides to send them all to parallel Earth where they will be safe but it means Rose will never see the Doctor again! Rose refuses and demands to stay with the Doctor. But her family is still taken to parallel Earth which means she would rather sacrefise her life and hope to live and if she does she will still be with the Doctor than simply going with her family and knowing she would defently live!

Rose tried to hold on for he life but she slipped and began to tumble into the void where the Doctor explained as nothing, there is no light, no time, nothingness! As Rose screamed and the doctor cried out for her hoping he could safe her but he knew he couldn't! Then Pete (Rose's parallel dad) jumped from parallel Earth just in time, he grabbed her and Rose turned around and looked at the Doctor and then she dissapeared! The Doctor then had no choice but to close the pathway between Earth and parallel Earth because if somebody jumped across one more time both Earths would just collapse! The Doctor knew Rose was safe but he was still really sad becuase they were separated for life!! But then weeks later according to Rose but only minutes later to the Doctor, Rose heard the Doctor voice, the voice told her to go to the beach. She did so and there the Doctor was waiting! He was only a hologram but he looked real. The Doctor and Rose said goodbye for the last time never to see each other again!

Series 3

The Runaway Bride

I just really like this picture!

Christmas time!!

Smith and Jones

This picture is great and if you look out the window you can see earth!

As soon as anyone saw Martha Jones they knew she would be a perfect companion for the Doctor!

The Shakespeare Code

Martha getting up to have a dance on stage!

I love this picture of the arrow in the TARDIS after they excape from the Queen!


The Doctor and Martha in action!

This picture is just funny because of the Doctor's face!

Daleks in Manhattan/ Evolution of the Daleks

This picture is heaps cool with the Doctor and Martha  standing high up looking over New York city as the Daleks hover around!

I love this picture heaps as the Doctor stands up and says 'Come on shoot, I dare ya!'

The Lazurus Experiment

This is the first picture taken of the Doctor and Martha's family and even though they aren't in every episode they are still very impotant characters!

'Ahh! Look, they even have nibbles! I love nibbles!'


This picture is great because this character is great!!! McDonnell is very brave when she kills herself and her husband just save the rest of her crew! and she is defintly one of the bravest people I have ever seen on Doctor Who!

Erina takes her last breath as she gets cornered and she knows she will soon burn, baby, burn!

Human Nature/ Family of Blood

This picture is good because it shows all the main characters but where's Joan!?

The Doctor secretly reconises this small divices and becomes extremely confussed and scared!


Don't Blink!!!

This picture always creeps me out as Kathy says to Sally not to open the door just in case it's a robber and then while Sally was distracted, Kathy blinked and was taken back in time!


Captain Jack returns and together they form the TARDIS trio!

Captain Jack, the Doctor and Martha run for their lifes!!!

The Sound of Drums/ The Last of The Time Lords

This picture is sad of the old Doctor as he whispers into Martha's ear and you can see the tears running down her face!

Martha Jones- defender of the Earth!

Martha's family hug each other as they fear for their lifes!

Voyage Of The Damned

I haven't seen this episode yet so when I saw this picture I simply thought 'What the hell?!'

This doesn't look like the Doctor is trying to help Astrid, it looks like he is trying to yank her head off!