Doctor Who Series 3

Episode Guide

Episode 1- Smith and Jones

Episode 2- The Shakespeare Code

Episode 3- Gridlock

Episode 4- Daleks in Manhattan

Episode 5- Evolution of the Daleks

Episode 6- The Lazarus Experiment

Episode 7- 42

Episode 8- Human Nature

Episode 9- The family of Blood

Episode 10- Blink

Episode 11- Utopia

Episode 12- The Sound of Drums

Episode 13- The Last of the Time Lords

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What do you think was the best saying out of each episode?? This weeks episode is Shakespeare Code! Simply write your first name and your email address and then in the comments section write what episode and the saying!! Your choices are out of..
'To be or not to be!'
'Off with his head!
'Shut your big fat mouths!'
'Creature..I name you Carrionte!'
The first person I get an email from there's will be published on this site. If you can think of another I will be very happy to hear it and publish it! Thanks!





Your Answers!

For episode 1, Smith and Jones, 'It's a screwdriver. It's sonic.' won!

Now with Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones

About the characters and their actors

Martha Jones

After Rose Tyler's 'death' Martha Jones becomes the Doctors companion when they meet in a hospital. Martha does not stay long because her last appearance is in The Last of The Time Lords. Martha is a doctor and during lots of episodes she has announced that and was quite shocked when in The Family of Blood, Joan didn't believe that she was a doctor. Martha Jones is said to appear in Torchwood soon. Martha Jones is played by Freema Agyeman who was born in London in 1979. She has appeared in shows as Torchwood, Doctor Who, The Bill, The Rulers, Dealers and Losers, Mile High, Silent Witness, Casualty, Crossroads, lords and Ladies, Twisted Roots, When Snow Falls and The Antigone of Sophocles. some Doctor who fans might remember seeing someone that looked like Freema in The Army of Ghosts. And all those people that had been surfing the web and found out that Freema would be the next companion, I bet you when you saw her you got all excited and said 'Look that's the new companion!!!' And then you got a bit of a shock when she was taken over by Cybermen and the Doctor killed her!!! But you could still swear that that was the new companion! Well, you were right!! In Smith and Jones, Martha claimed that her cousin worked at Canary Wharf (Torchwood Tower) and never came back. So it was Martha's cousin that the Doctor killed!! But it was still Freema Agyeman who played her.

Any Questions?

Any Questions?