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Episode 1- Rose

Episode 2- The End of The World

Episode 3- The Unquiet Dead

Episode 4- Aliens of London

Episode 5- World War III

Episode 6- Dalek

Episode 7- The Long Game

Episode 8- Father's Day

Episode 9- The Empty Child

Episode 10- The Doctor Dances

Episode 11- Boom Town

Episode 12- Bad Wolf

Episode 13- The Parting of the Ways

Episode 14- The Christmas Invasion

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For episode 1, Rose, 'If you are an alien, how come you sound like your from the north?' won!!

With Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

And Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor

And of course.. the TARDIS!

About the characters and their actors

The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor is the return after the eighth Doctor, the sudden finish of Doctor Who was too much for young and old doctor Who fans so, Russel T Davies decided to bring it back. He only was in one series and his first appearance was in Rose then his last was The Parting of the Ways. He was in 13 episode and 10 stories. He had 3 companions, these were: Rose Tyler, Captain Jack and Adam. The Doctor's favourite saying is 'fantastic!'. The Doctor's only tool is a Sonic screwdriver which can lock and unlock doors, make machines work and many other things. The Doctor is said in this series to be 900 years old and he travels the world alone, for his species and home planet was destroyed by the Daleks. The Doctor's actor, Christopher Eccleston found his part as the Ninth Doctor one day while he was looking in the paper there was an advertisment for the ninth Doctor. He went for a jog and then decided to try out and got the job. Christopher was born on the 16th February 1964 in Lancashire, England. He has appeared in 19 movies and they are: Let Him Have it, Death and the Compass, Anchoress, Shallow Grave, Jude, Elizabeth, A Price Above Rubies, Heart, eXistenZ, With or Without you, Gone in Sixty seconds, The Others, The Invisible Circus, 24 Hour party People, I am Dina, Revengers Tragedy, 28 Days Later, The Dark is Rising and new orleans. He has also appeared in 30 TV shows they are: Blood Rights, Casualty, Inspector Morse, Chancer, Boon, Rachel's Dream, Poirot, Firday on my Mind, Buisiness With Friends, Cracker, Hearts and Mind, Our Friends in the North, Hillsborough, Killing Time- The Millennium Poem, The Tyre, Wilderness Men, Clocking Off, This Little Piggy, Strumpet, Linda Green, The league of Gentlemen, Flesh and Blood, Othello, Sunday, The King and Us, I Am Kloot- Proof, The Second Coming, Doctor who, Perfect Parents and Heroes. Chris is about 187cm tall and is unmarried. He has twin brothers and another brother. Eccleston and David Tennant (the tenth Doctor) were both seen together in Jude.

Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler, a shop assistant has a normal life, sitting around eating chips. Until one day at work when Killer Shop dummies attack her she meets a man called the Doctor who claims he's a Time Lord. She first appeared in Rose and last appeared in Doomsday. Rose's dad, Pete Tyler died when she was just a young girl so she lives with her Mum, Jackie and boyfriend, Mickey Smith. Rose Tyler's actress  Billie Piper, born 22nd September 1982, became a entertainer when she was in her teens and she was invited to appear on Scratchy & co. Then she was later asked to appear in a commercial where she had to advertise the pop magazine, Smash Hits. Then at the age of fifteen she began to write songs with her first song, Because We Want To. In 1998 she became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one on UK’s Singles Chart. Her first album was Honey to The B and was number 14 in UK’s Album Chart. Piper then took a year off to record her second album. She hit number 1 with Day & Night on the UK’s singles Chart. Deep In Side hit number 4. Then in 2000 she released her second album, Walk Of Life which debuted number 14 on the UK’s album chart. In 2003, Billie decided to stop her singing career, but more albums came out. In 2005 the Best of Billie Piper came out then in 2007 Billie Piper Third Studio Album.  After stopping singing she returned to her original career, acting. She took acting lessons while in Los Angeles, then earned roles in BBC television series, The Canterbury Tales. Then was in the movie, Bella and the Boys. Piper gained very positive reviews for these appearances and was claimed to be a better actor than singer. In 2004, Billie appeared in the films, The Calcium Kid and Things To Do Before You’re Thirty. Shortly before starting in Doctor Who. She starred in a horror movie called Spirit Trap. In 2005 she featured in a TV show called Much Ado About Nothing. She then appeared in another BBC show, The Ruby in The Smoke, in 2006. Then in 2007 the movie Mansfield Park came out and appeared in Belle De Jour. She also appeared in the play Treats.

Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness traveled with the Doctor for five episodes. They met in Empty Child when Rose was hanging from an Barrage Balloon rope in the London Blitz when she slips and Jack saves her by sending out a kind of tunnel thing. Which takes her to his invisible spaceship. Jack then dies in Parting of the ways but Rose (the Bad Wolf) brings him back to life. But then they leave him stranded on Satellite without the TARDIS. The captain is said to be a time Agency and his home era is actually the 51st century but he decides to stay in the 21st. Captain Jack is said to return in series 3. The Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood stars Captain jack Harkness and his job is, as being part of Torchwood, to defeat the aliens and save Earth. The Captain's actor, John Barrowman, was born on the 11th March, 1967. He was born in Glasgow, scotland. He is an actor, musical performer, dancer, singer, and TV presenter. He has worked in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been in 5 movies and they are: The Producers, De-Lovely, method, Shark Attack 3 and the Untouchables. He has appeared in 4 TV serials and they are: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Titians and Central Park West. Then he has been in many other TV specials like: putting It Together, Live & Kicking, Any Dream Will Do, How Do You Solve A Probelm Like Maria and Dancing With The Stars.

Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell is an English researcher in the employ of American billionaire, Henry Van Statten.  In the episode Dalek rose meets him and at first has a bit of a crush on him but then realise he isn't as brainy as she thinks. Adam is the Doctor's first boy companion since 1984 but only traveled with the Doctor for 2 episodes. In The Long Game, Adam gets a computer chip planted into his head and when he clicks it opens and you can see his brain. After the Doctor also realises that he doesn't know what it takes to be a Time Lord's companion he leaves him at his house on Earth and simply gives him the advise to stay inside and not let anyone see his head. His actor, Bruno Langley was born in March 21st 1983. He has starred in the serial Todd Grimshaw. Then in 2005 he was in Doctor Who. He also had a small part The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse. In 2005 he was in a Romeo and Juliet play. He was then in the play Night Sky where he was along side Christopher Eccleston. He then was in another play, A Taste of Honey. Mitchell recently become a father to his new son, Freddie.

Mickey Smith

Mickey Smith is Rose Tyler's boyfriend, who first appeared in Rose and last appeared in Doomsday. Mickey's father, Jackson Smith, went to Spain when Mickey was very young and his mother couldn't cope looking after him alone so she left him with his blind grandmother to be raised. One day Rita-Anne (his grandmother) slipped on a teared carpet and fell down the stairs and broke her neck and died. As the Doctor and Rose get to be better friends and Rose keeps leaving Mickey behind on Earth alone Mickey gets jealous. Mickey is said to return in series 4! Mickey's character, Noel Clarke, was born 6th December 1975 in London. Clarke is actually an actor, writer and producer. He has been in the play, Where do we Live? He has appeared in the TV shows casualty and Auf Wiedersehen. He has written the film, Kidulthood. And wrote Epsiode 11 of series 1 of Torchwood, Combat.

Jackie Tyler

Jackie Tyler is Rose's mum. Her real name is Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler but is called Jackie for short. Her first appearance was in Rose and last was in Doomsday. Jackie's husband, Pete Tyler, dies in 1987 when Rose was just 6 months old. Jackie is said by Russel T. Davies to be a hairdresser. Jackie's actress is Camille Coduri who was born 8th October 1966 in London. She has featured in the films Nuns on the Run and King Ralph. She has been in TV series such as Boon, Rumpole of the Bailey, A Touch of Frost and The History of Tom Jones. Camile has appeared in the Doctor Who based Weakest Link and won one game. Camile married actor, Christopher Fulford in 1992. And have two children, Rosa born in 1993 and Sonny born in 1996.

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