The Doctor

The Doctor (also known as the lonely angel or Sir Doctor of the TARDIS) is much older than he looks! Believe it or not he is 903!!! Being a Time Lord, after he dies he can go into the TARDIS and regenerate!!!! Which means he stays as the same person but looks different! The Doctor's people were killed in the Time War against the Daleks, the Doctor was only young and got scared and ran away and he survived! And the Time Lords won, because all the Daleks died in the war and so did all the Time Lords, except one. the Doctor's only suveniour of his home planet, Gallifrey, is his beloved TARDIS. Which stands for Time And Relative Demensions In Space! The Doctor is right now is the Tenth Doctor because he has regenerated ten times now! The Doctor has had many companions, some friends, some even relatives! But the problem that effects the Doctor alot is that being a Time Lord means he has a curse, one of the worst curses imaginable! As he tells Rose, she could spend the rest of her life with him but he couldn't spend the rest of his with her, he tells her how he has to leave alot of his companions because he doesn't want to see them dying as he lives on!He then says it's the curse of the Time Lords! An example of this is one of his popular compaions, Sarah-Jane Smith who after travelling with her for a while he left her on Earth and never said bye and never returned to see her and she thought he was dead but then in Series 2 when they meet again the Doctor tells her why he left and how he didn't want to see her die! The problem with regeneration is that he can only regenerate in the TARDIS so if he has no TARDIS then he will die, in the last episode of Series 1 he sent the TARDIS back to Earth with Rose and locked it down so it wouldn't be able to move and he knew he was going to die, but he had to rescue Rose but then Rose opened up the heart of the TARDIS and returned, the octor then absorbed the Bad Wolf and died, but regenerated!

The Ten Doctors of the TARDIS

The First Doctor

The Second Doctor

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor

The Seventh Doctor

The Eighth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor